Steps we take to make Bitter Gourd Pickle | Karele ka Achar


Desi bitter gourds are freshly picked up from farms in Aurangabad.


They are washed and uniformly chopped into small pieces.


Then, these pieces are tossed with freshly extracted lemon juice and aromatic Indian spices according to traditional grandma’s recipe


Prepared pickle is stored in Bharni and kept in sun for fermentation. The pickle is then packed under hygienic conditions and made ready for delivery.

It has sliced pieces of Karela, marinated in lemon juice, spices and hing. Yes, the pickle doesn’t have any oil!

Spicy Mirchi Medium
Sweet Sweet Low
Sour Sour Medium

Lemon took away its bitterness, it tastes spicy and sour.

Bitter gourd pickle
Premium & Chemical-free Ingredients
Crafted in Small Batches to Ensure Quality
Sun-dried to Retain Flavours
Bitter gourd pickle
Barnis for Character
Preserving Age Old India's Tradition
Empowering & Supporting Rural Women

Recipe of Bitter Gourd Pickle

The Best Homemade Karela Pickle (Karela Achar)
  • If you are looking for karela achar online or a way to add karela to your diet, then look no further, we have got you covered. The tangiest way to bring its essential nutrients into Daily meals, is our Karela ka achar. It is savoury (not bitter at all) has no preservatives and oil-free. We use traditional recipes and farm fresh bitter gourds to make our karela pickle just like mom-made
  • Shark Anupam Mittal loved the bold, homemade taste of our Karela Achar when he tried it. Get your hands on this fan-favorite pickle today!
Authentic Karela ka achar Recipe And Flavour
  • Bitter Gourds(Karela) are pickled with spices and instead of oil, we use lemon juice to make this tasty pickle. According to our Farmer Didis, replacing regular pickles with this karela ka achar in your diet can ensure optimal health and can stimulate your taste buds while eating Dal Chawal and other regular dishes.
  • It is also called karlyacha loncha in Maharashtra, Kakarakaya Nilava Pachadi (Andhra Bitter Gourd Pickle) in Andhra and it is loved by fans of Marwari achar, Rajasthani pickle, Punjabi achar, too.
Preserved To Perfection
  • This is made by Gurudatt SHG, Aurangabad which makes these unique & tasty Karela pickle for us. They ensure that the chutneys are made and packed under hygienic and ideal conditions to meet quality requirements.
The Perfect Accompaniment
  • You may check the karela pickle price above and order it now, as it a superb, healthy and tasty deal
  • The pickle is loved by both kids and adults in family. We bet you would like to compare this bittergourd pickle recipe with other bittergourd pickles in the market and even with your own mother’s recipe. It’s definitely best Indian karela pickle that you wouldn’t miss to try
  • We have both 1 KG Karela Pickle Jar and 350 Gm Karela Pickle Jar
  • FarmDidi offers a delectable selection of chutneys online, blending taste and tradition while promoting women empowerment. It is India’s Top Homemade pickles brand in terms of quality of taste and social impact it is creating. One pickle jar at a time

Frequently asked questions

When stored in a refrigerator, it lasts for 6 months from the date of packaging.

The liquid you see in the pickle is Lemon juice which removes the bitterness of the vegetable and acts as a natural preserving agent. Our didis also add whole neem leaves in the pickle for extending the shelf life.

As this is an oil and preservative free pickle, it is best to keep refrigerated after opening.

When you take a bite of the little bitter gourd pieces in the pickle, you would find that it has a unique tangy and mildly spicy taste and surprisingly miniscule bitterness in it.

Customer Reviews

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Manish kumar verma

Good taste

Lakshmikanth Ghanapaati

The pickle is very good like home made, good packing. The salt was little more as far as my taste is concerned.

Bitter Guard Pickle: A Culinary Delight with Room for Improvement

I recently had the pleasure of trying the Bitter Guard Pickle, and I must say, it's a flavor sensation worth savoring.

First and foremost, the taste is simply exquisite. The unique blend of spices and the distinct bitterness of the guard meld together in perfect harmony, creating a pickle unlike any other I've tasted.

However, as much as I enjoyed the pickle itself, I can't overlook the delivery experience. Unfortunately, the delivery took longer than expected, which was a bit disappointing. While I understand that delays can happen, it did impact the overall enjoyment of the product.

Despite this drawback, I wholeheartedly recommend the Bitter Guard Pickle to anyone looking to elevate their culinary adventures.Just be sure to plan ahead for delivery, and you'll be in for a treat that's truly worth the wait.

Shirish Ghoge

Really very tasty pickle ! Thank you so much

healthy pickle

Healthy pickle