The Spring Diet

The Spring Diet

After a cold winter, we enter the season of spring. The temperature slowly begins to rise, and our diet requirement changes along with the changing weather.

During the cold winters, the body’s main goal is to store fat, but as we move towards a warmer climate our internal environment changes, body temperature rises and we begin to melt fat faster.

According to Ayurveda, we enter the Kapha season in spring. The earth and the water elements are prominent in this season.

Universally spring is associated with cleaning, much like this our bodies enter a cleaning phase too.

Eating foods that boost metabolism and detoxify the body is recommended during this season.

With the shifting internal environment, the body starts craving lighter and easier digestible meals rather than dense nourishing ones from winter.

The best part about spring is that a lot of nutritious foods are available in season 

Eating seasonal foods is ideal at any time of the year but especially in spring with multiple foods available it’s a great time to load up on vitamins and antioxidants.

Seasonal foods have the highest nutritional value. Transportation causes loss of nutrients with time, when you eat fresh you absorb and assimilate all the nutrients present in the food.

Spring vegetables

Vegetables like brinjal, spinach, carrot, radish, beetroot, peas, methi, spring onion, green garlic are all seasonal vegetables available, full of fiber and Vitamins.

Spring fruits

Strawberries, grapes, guava, pomegranate, pineapple, passion fruit, chikoo, muskmelon are all spring fruits available. 

They are high in Vitamins like Vit A, antioxidants & micronutrients.

Spring grains

Sorghum or tender jowar is a famous spring grain called Ponk or Hurda and is sold across India. It’s very high in fiber and rich in B vitamins.

There is a natural Correlation between eating what’s in season and preventing illnesses.

Before the 19th century and the processed food culture, humans used to eat only the seasonally available foods. Long-distance packaging and transportation wasn’t an option, locally grown and sourced food constituted a major portion of the diet.

Spring is a time when many different varieties of grains, fruits, and vegetables are available. It is the best time to make changes in diet and eat light and refreshing foods.

Eating whole foods will also help you naturally shed the few kgs that you might have put on during winters.

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