Is Red Chilli Pickle Good For Your Health?

Is Red Chilli Pickle Good For Your Health?

Let me tell you about one of my favourite Indian foods - the fiery red chilli pickle! This spicy condiment made from red chillies, will make you lick your fingers while you're also wiping sweat off your forehead. The red chillies, oil, and masalas add such an amazing kick of flavour to any meal. But did you know it may also be good for your health? Let me explain the red chilli pickle benefits:

Benefits of Red Chilli Pickle

1. Use It to Burn Some Calories 

Red chillies, the main ingredient in your favourite pickles contains a compound named capsaicin. This compound can boost metabolism and make you feel fuller for longer. So having a little red chilli pickle as part of a balanced diet may aid in weight loss goals! Isn't that great? 

2. Protect Your Heart 

Red chillies are packed with antioxidants like vitamin C that protect your heart by fighting inflammation and bad cholesterol. The oils like mustard used in make pickles also have healthy fats that improve cholesterol levels. Double benefit!

3. Keep Food Fresh 

Do you know how pickles last for months? That's because the chillies have germ-fighting properties that prevent bacteria from growing and keep the pickle nice and fresh for longer. An all-natural preservative!

4. Speed Up Your Digestion

Although it may seem contradictory, the capsaicin in red chillies can improve your digestion by increasing enzyme production. Just don't go overboard if you have a sensitive tummy.

Go Easy On The Spice

Speaking of tummy sensitivity, here's where you need to be a little mindful. Too much red chilli pickle can cause acid reflux, heartburn, and stomach irritation for some people. So enjoy it in limited quantities according to your spice tolerance level.


So there you have it, my friends! When served in moderation, red chilli pickle can be a flavorful yet nutritious addition to your meals. The magic lies in those feisty red chillies! Just remember, a little goes a long way in providing the health benefits while letting you enjoy the taste without any tummy troubles. Isn't desi food just wonderful?

Also, you can order homemade Red chilli pickles online from the Farmdidi pickle store. We’ve used an optimal amount of mustard oil that is perfect for your gut and it has no preservatives.

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