It has crunchy pieces of raw turmeric marinated in oil, mustard seeds and spices.

Spicy Mirchi High
Sweet Sweet Low
Sour Sour Medium

Spicy & salty, with a hint of hing

Turmeric pickle
Premium & Chemical-free Ingredients
Crafted in Small Batches to Ensure Quality
Sun-dried to Retain Flavours
Turmeric pickle
Barnis for Character
Preserving Age Old India's Tradition
Empowering & Supporting Rural Women

Recipe of Turmeric Pickle

The Best Homemade Turmeric Pickle (Haldi Ka Achar)
  • Relive your nani maa memories of eating raw haldi ka achar. This pickle goes with Parathas, munchies, rice and all Daily meals.
  • If you are looking for homemade pickle or pickled turmeric, this raw turmeric pickle is the way to go
  • Our raw haldi Pickle or kachi haldi ka achar is made with Authentic Grandma's Recipe and Farm Fresh turmeric and Spices from Pune
Authentic Raw Turmeric Pickle Recipe And Flavour
  • According to our Farmer Didis, this pickle gives you the optimal level of nutrients and spices required to complete your wholesome meal. It is also called hald lonche /amba halad in Maharashtra, and it is loved by fans of Marwari achar, Rajasthani pickle, Punjabi haldi achar too.
  • It is also known as Raw turmeric pickle or haldi ka achar, kachi haldi pickle (kachi haldi ka achar), since it’s made by fresh raw turmeric
  • The pickle is healthiest of all pickles and loved by both kids and adults in family. We bet you would like to compare this haldi pickel with other turmeric pickles in the market and even with your own mother’s recipe. It’s definitely best Indian turmeric pickle that you wouldn’t miss to try
Preserved To Perfection
  • This is made by Santkrupa SHG, Pune which makes these unique & tasty pickles for us. They ensure that the pickles are made and packed under hygienic and ideal conditions to meet quality requirements.
The Perfect Accompaniment
  • Raw Tuermeric pickle is loved by both kids and adults in family. We bet you would like to compare this pickle with other lemon pickel in the market and even with your own mother’s recipe. Every bite of pickle has kept freshness intact.
  • We have both 1 KG Turmeric Pickle Jar and 350 Gm Turmeric Pickle Jar
  • What makes this pickle fresh is the usage of farm fresh turmeric and spices of indigenous variety. So why wait? Get the Best Haldi Pickle Online Delivered from Farmdidi
  • FarmDidi offers a delectable selection of pickles online, blending taste and tradition while promoting women empowerment. It is India’s Top Homemade pickles brand in terms of quality of taste and social impact it is creating. One pickle jar at a time