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Our Range Of Spicy Pickles Online

We have a wide range of handpicked and authentic spicy pickles, all made without any harmful preservatives and full of delicious, fiery flavors.

Love Spice but Want to Stay Healthy?

Our diverse range of homemade spicy pickles is perfect for satisfying your craving for bold, hot tastes. We offer favorites like the spicy Mango Pickle, Green Chilli Pickle, and the unique Bitter Gourd Pickle. We also have the classic Mixed Pickle and the tart Amla Pickle for those who enjoy a blend of flavors.

Benefits of Buying Spicy Pickles from Farmdidi

At Farmdidi, we take pride in offering a range of homemade spicy pickles that are completely free from preservatives and contain little or no oil. We took the recipe secrets from our Dadi and passed them to Didis. With us, you can enjoy the spicy flavors you love without worrying about your health.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend starting with our mildly spiced pickles like the Amla Pickle or Mixed Pickle if you prefer a gentle kick of heat. For those who enjoy a more fiery flavor, go for the Green Chilli Pickle or the Mango Pickle. And if you're a true spice lover, our Bitter Gourd Pickle packs a serious punch of heat and tanginess.

Yes, absolutely! Spicy pickles are not only bursting with flavor but also offer several health benefits. The spices used, such as chili peppers and turmeric, are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Pickles also aid in digestion and can help boost your metabolism.

FarmDidi homemade tangy pickles are naturally preserved and have a shelf life from 6 to 12 months depending on the type of pickle and ingredients used. Kindly check the information provided on each of the pickle products to know their shelf lives.