9 famous types of chutneys in India

9 famous types of chutneys in India

Chutneys, the vibrant ambassadors of Indian cuisine, are more than just condiments. They are flavor bombs, transforming any dish from ordinary to extraordinary. Made with a delightful mix of fresh ingredients, these pastes come in a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and tastes. In this blog we will cover some of India's most famous chutneys, exploring their unique characteristics and perfect pairings.

1. Imli ki Chutney (Tamarind Chutney)

This sweet and tangy Imli ki chutney is a national treasure. Imagine plump tamarind pods, their tangy flesh simmered with jaggery (unrefined cane sugar) until it creates a thick, rich paste. A sprinkle of aromatic spices like cumin and coriander adds depth, making it a perfect partner for savory treats like samosas, pakoras, or even kebabs.

2. Mango Chunda Chutney

This unique Mango Chunda Chutney from Rajasthan is a sweet and tangy adventure. Raw mangoes, with their vibrant green color and tart punch, are the stars of the show. They are cooked down with jaggery and a symphony of spices like cloves, cinnamon, and fennel seeds. The result? A thick, intensely flavorful chutney with a complex sweetness that lingers on the palate. Enjoy it alongside parathas, or indulge in a spoonful straight from the jar!

3. Kokum Chutney

This hidden gem from the Konkan coast boasts a refreshingly sour punch. The Kokum chutney, with the secret ingredient kokum, is a fascinating fruit with a deep purple skin and a surprisingly acidic interior. Blended with fresh coconut, fragrant coriander leaves, and a hint of fiery chilies, this chutney adds a unique tang to seafood dishes like curries and fish fry.

4. Tomato Chutney

This tangy and slightly sweet chutney offers a burst of freshness. Ripe tomatoes are simmered with spices like cumin and coriander, creating a base with a touch of sweetness. A touch of jaggery adds depth of flavor, while a squeeze of lemon juice balances the tang. Enjoy it with savory snacks like pakoras or as a dip with kebabs.

5. Garlic Chutney

Brace yourself for a fiery explosion with this Garlic chutney! Fresh garlic cloves, renowned for their pungent kick, are the powerhouse ingredient. Blended with a generous amount of green chilies, ginger for warmth, and a squeeze of lemon juice for a touch of acidity, this chutney is a fiery friend to chaats (savory street snacks), grilled meats, or even smeared on a dosa (a South Indian crepe).

6. Coconut Chutney

A South Indian staple, this Coconut Chutney is a creamy and refreshing chutney that features fresh coconut, fragrant coriander leaves, and a touch of green chilies for a subtle heat. Perfect with fluffy idlis (steamed rice cakes) and crispy dosas.

7. Hari Mirch ki Chutney (Green Chili Chutney)

This vibrant Green Garlic Chutney is a staple in most Indian kitchens. Fresh green chilies, the fiery backbone of Indian cooking, are the stars of the show. But it's not just heat! Chopped coriander leaves add a touch of freshness, while a hint of mint provides a cooling counterpoint. A squeeze of lemon juice balances the flavors, creating a perfect condiment for dipping pakoras, spreading on sandwiches, or adding a touch of zing to curries.

8. Mint Chutney

This cooling and refreshing chutney is a breath of fresh air. Fresh mint leaves, known for their cooling properties, are the star ingredient. A touch of cilantro adds a herbaceous note, while a squeeze of lemon juice balances the flavors. Enjoy it with kebabs, tikkas, or even as a cooling dip with fried snacks.

9. Peanut Chutney

This creamy and nutty chutney is a delightful surprise. Roasted peanuts provide a rich, earthy base, while chilies add a touch of heat. A hint of coconut milk adds creaminess, and a squeeze of lime juice brightens the flavors. This chutney is a perfect partner for soft, fluffy dosas or crispy idlis.


Remember, these are just a starting point. The beauty of chutneys lies in their versatility. Our Didis at Farmdidi experiment with different ingredients, adjust the spice levels to your liking, and create our own signature chutneys. So, the next time you crave a taste of India, don't forget the chutneys! They are the vibrant threads that weave together the tapestry of Indian cuisine, adding a burst of flavor and a touch of magic to every bite.

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