Strengthens immunity

Boosts immunity

The sesame and pumkin seeds help improve bone strength and build immune function.

Helps prevent diseases

It has anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties and thereby can prevent the risk of chronic diseases.

Aids digestion

It is a great source of minerals and of fiber which help with digestive issues like relieving constipation.

Prevents cell damage

This laddoo is loaded with dates which have antioxidants that prevent cell damage caused by oxidation.

Energizes body

Dates are very good source of natural sugar, vitamins, and micro nutrients. They are restorative and tonic that improves overall energy.

Controls blood sugar levels

Dates laddoo can help lower blood sugar levels and it also can improve the secretion of insulin.

Improves bone health

The magnesium and calcium content in sesame seeds improves bone health.

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