Improves blood circulation

It contains iron which plays a vital role in the normal production and development of red blood cells, keeping the blood circulation smooth.

Strengthens immunity

Boosts immunity

It is an effective way to deal with allergic asthma and cough because of its antihistaminic properties. It’s also a rich source of vitamin C and can boost the immune system to prevent cold and cough.

Eye Health

Improves your eye health

Tamarind is loaded with vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining your eye health and has compounds that protect your eye against dry eyes.

Maintains blood sugar levels

Tamarind seed extracts are anti-inflammatory in nature and they are even said to stabilize blood sugar levels and reverse the damage of the pancreatic tissue in those suffering from diabetes.

Helps in Tissue repair

Amino acids help in repairing tissues. Tamarind contains significant amounts of all the essential amino acids except tryptophan.

Helps prevent cell damage

Imli is high in antioxidants which can prevent free radicals from damaging cell DNA.

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