Increases stamina

Contains immunity boosting elements like Vitamin C and B.

Treats anemia

Beetroot contains compounds like flavonoid phenols that increase serum iron level and hemoglobin and ferritin to help treat anemia

Improves skin health

Improves skin health

Beetroots are a rich source of iron that directly leads to increase the hemoglobin content in blood and strengthens your circulatory system thus providing a natural glow to your skin.

Maintains blood sugar

Beetroot contains betalain, neo betanin, and dietary nitrate which reduced blood glucose and can be beneficial to diabetics.

Prevents cell damage

Antioxidants in it help reverse the cell damage done by free radicals to inhibit lipid peroxidation and protect the liver.

Strengthens immunity

Helps improve immunity

Nitric oxide in it plays an important role in the immune response

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