Digital Content Executive

I'm Amit, Jack of all trades, master of none. I love spending time in farms and coming from a farming family background always wanted to find some financially and socially sustainable solutions for rural farming families, so I joined FarmDidi family where I find like-minded and passionate personalities working alongside to make a positive impact on rural women of India.


VP Operations

Anukrit Johari, 6+ years of experience with leading MNCs in business strategy & operations. Having worked in the corporate world alongside senior leaders, I am here to help our team in the mission to make FarmDidi a household name. Our ikigai – to help consumers send some smiles directly to the farms..!


Training manager

Archana, I have 10+ years of teaching experience in different institutes for various ages of audiences. Educating rural women gives me immense pleasure. Their hard work doesn’t bring back much due to lack of the right mentorship and guidance. I am here to bridge the gap!


Tech Didi

Asmita, co-founder and CTO at FarmDidi, I learnt a lot in my past 16+ years of IT experience with many international high profile clients, the zest to learn more doesn’t seem to be slowing. I want to explore more latest technologies but this time for our rural women. With indefinite challenges and enthusiasm, I find a purpose here.


Business Development Executive

Hey, I am Abhishek. I have done my B. Tech(food tech),MBA(OM) and have experience both startup/multinational companies. I prefer being open and transparent. Being dedicated and putting my best efforts are my principles at work. I got clear moto of providing good quality and hygienic products to consumers and Farmdidi is best platform to fulfill it. Always seeking for new info, I am still a learner and looking forward to gain more experience.


Flutter Developer

Chandra Bhushan, Flutter Developer , I love Premium products so I joined Farmdidi. I feel overwhelmed working with them . The staff is too good and so is Farmdidi products. Telling about myself I love to play, so I am playing with codes like she played with my heart.


Finance Advisor

Debaparna, with 6+ years of management consulting experience, finds it fulfilling to steer FarmDidi realize its ambition by bringing business insights. FarmDidi particularly excites me since it addresses the most pressing challenges that today’s rural women farmers / food entrepreneurs face in India.


Website Designer

Hi! This is Deepankshu, tech intern for the FarmDidi website. I have recently completed my bachelors degree in computer application. FarmDidi website is my first project as an intern and I’m really grateful to work with this professional team and in helping the empowerment of Rural women through FarmDidi.


VP Supply

Umm so I did a little bit of this and a little bit of that earlier. I also take pride in saying I sold drugs for a few years as a profession ( I mean I worked at a pharmaceutical). Fortunately here I have a life beyond work. When I'm not doing some super content & meaningful work with our Didis, you can find me playing football, running ( for not more than 5 seconds), eating ( it's mostly this) or napping. I am also passionate about making common sense viral I'll catch you on the flip side!


Chief Didi

I am Manjari, Chief Didi ! Having worked with Fortune 500 companies with 10+ years of experience, I now find purpose in working with rural women of India – The working women of India with strong arms and noble hearts!


Seller Engagement Manager

I am Mital, Seller Engagement manager at FarmDidi. I have an experience as a trainer of 10+ yrs at a renowned institute. FarmDidi gives me an excellent opportunity to explore my knowledge in a completely different field and a great level of satisfaction to bring smiles on rural women faces by helping them to fulfill their ambitions.


Sales & Marketing Advisor

5+ years of sales and marketing experience across 3 industries. Currently working on brand strategy & insights at Byju’s. Ex P&G & Asian Paints. I love building brands and solving GTM problems. I was in awe of the talent and drive of Indian rural women I caught a glimpse of during my short stay in the village where FarmDidi started. I am here to support their growth in every way I can!


Customer Support Executive

I am Nisha (customer support executive). I am currently working with customer support team. As I loved the concept of providing employment to rural women I wanted to join this Family and got hired as a customer experience executive happily.


Marketing Advisor

Pranali Janbandhu, 5+ years of sales and marketing experience in beauty and personal care industry. Ex-Loreal. Currently leading’s private make up brands. Coming from a farmer’s family, I know for a fact that India can progress only if rural women can progress. I believe in FarmDidi’s vision of enabling and empowering rural women for a greater cause And hence FarmDidi.


Digital Content Executive

Yo! Keep it real as they say, To see your inner light, I design stuff by the day And music by the night I like to flow, can't keep things static, Helping people makes me ecstatic, So my love for Nature is automatic, Coz I believe in Plant Magic!


Digital Marketing Executive

Hey! I’m Shreya, I’ll be working on increasing the digital presence of Farm Didi and making engaging content so that the fruits of our Didi’s efforts reach you all. The idea of teaching to fish rather than feeding a meal thrills me. And to be a part of such a mission to turn rural women into entrepreneurs is a fortunate experience.


Flutter Developer

Hi I am Suman chakravarty, Flutter developer with 1.5 years in technology. I love solving problems (except those problems where a guy buys 50 watermelons :D). Here to solve rural didi's problem by providing them technology so that we all can mutually grow.


Digital Marketing Executive

I’m Vikas Gaikwad post graduate in agriculture and have 10 year experience in rural development.So far I have worked on Soil and water conservation, livelihood and women empowerment in Paani foundation (Amir khan NGO) and department of agriculture govt of Maharashtra. Through farmdidi, I’m working across Maharashtra to create women entrepruner by providing employment opportunities plus sourcing raw material.