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Get a pack of 4 different oil-free products, including Lemon pickle, sweet mango pickle, mango chunda and Imli chutney. Perfect for pickle lovers!

Mango Chunda

Lemon Pickle

Our Mango Chunda is a traditional Gujarati pickle that is bursting with flavor. Made with fresh mangoes and a mix of spices, this pickle is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet and spicy taste.

Lemon Pickle

Lemon Pickle

Made with fresh lemons and a secret blend of spices, this pickle is bursting with flavor. It's the perfect balance of tangy, salty and spicy!

Sweet Mango Pickle

Chilli Pickle

Sweet Mango Made with fresh mangoes, jaggery, and spices, this sweet and spicy relish is a must-try. It's perfect for adding a burst of flavor to sandwiches, wraps, and even yogurt!

Imli Chutney

Imli Pickle

Made with tamarind, jaggery and spices, this sweet and sour chutney is a staple in Indian households. It's the perfect accompaniment to samosas, pakoras, and other savory snacks.

Customer Reviews

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Vishal Tangadi

itne saalon se bazaar ka kahke ke mann uth gaya tha par ye oil free pack gave us the will to buy and we loved it

Fathima Rafi

Pickles are quite tasty. Best part is that it is without preservaties and chemicals. Good job didis!

Sandeep Gupta

I really liked the taste of chutney feels authentic

Bhavna Jain

My favourite is the lemon pickle

Mahadev Waghmare

My wife is in love with the imli chutney. She finished it in a few days. Amazing product.