Lemons are Sour, Let the Immunity Pour

Lemons are Sour, Let the Immunity Pour

Do you remember those train journeys with your family, rushing towards the window seat, and gobbling up ‘poori rolls’ with ‘nimbu ka achaar’ or your grandmother’s pickle recipe drying under the sun on the roof? 

I too have some vivid memories with pickles, especially lemon pickles. How my grandmother used to serve me and give me jars to carry back home every time I visited her.

We are all well acquainted with the lemon pickle and its taste, aren’t we? But apart from being yummy, it carries loads of micro nutrients for us. 

We know it’s a rich source of Vitamin C, so it’s good for our immunity. But I don’t intend to bore you today with facts that you already know.

We’ll talk about some lesser known health benefits of consuming lemon pickles.

A country where there is a varied cuisine every few kilometers, pickles unite us all. They are small rich packets of nutrients and flavours that keep us healthy. Don’t you remember your younger self, licking plates clean when lemon pickle was served? 

Let’s talk about its few benefits:

1. Helps you regulate blood flow.

Pickled lemon, contains iron, calcium, potassium and copper that helps in improving the blood flow.

2. Improves bone health

Lack of calcium in your body can lead to deterioration in bone health. Lemon pickles help in keeping the bones strong, attributing to the calcium, vitamin A, and potassium present in them. 

3. Fights infections and free radicals

Lemon pickles are rich in Vitamin B complex, so it helps in developing resistance against infections and harmful free radicals thereby improving immunity. It also dissolves kidney stones. 

4. Good for the heart

Lemon pickles have ZERO fat and cholesterol that keeps our heart healthy and happy.

5. Improves digestion

The enzymes in lemon pickles detoxify the digestive tract, which prevents ulcers. It additionally reduces skin problems like acne and also helps in weight loss.

How is FarmDidi Pickle unique?

When it comes to taste, you should not compromise. Farm Didi offers you both taste and health. The best part is that FarmDidi Lemon Pickle has: 

  • No oil 
  • No artificial preservatives 
  • Lemons freshly picked from farms 

FarmDidi brings you the healthiest Lemon Crush. It is sourced and processed in rural, hygienic kitchens ensuring health and rich traditional flavour. 

Grab them now and keep your health on track, while empowering our Didis. Get your Lemon Crush pickle here.

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